From full service wedding coordination and design to corporate fundraising and beyond, the Design Effect team is excited to offer our industry expertise to every aspect of your event process, and create something magical.


Planning and Execution

Our bread and butter, our passion, our love is full service planning.  Beginning with your save the dates, selecting vendors, and establishing a design concept, we will artfully plan and design every detail of your event.  In addition to providing attentive care through the planning process, our team will be on site during every aspect of execution to ensure a flawless event day through every detail.  We know you’re your time is valuable, and we want to be sure that you are able to not only feel confident about your event, but that you are able to enjoy the process.

Once we learn about the scope of your event, we create a custom coordination proposal for each client, as we do not believe that these services are ‘one size fits all’.  We would love the chance to tell you more about Design Effect and how we can help your planning. We also love to travel and have proudly served clients across the United States.


Design and Branding

The look, feel and style of any event is a labor of love.  We pour our hearts into creating a unique aesthetic concept for each client, and ensure that it is one which reflects who they are.

For weddings, we pride ourselves on finding the small details that make you, as a couple, unique. The creativity that follows from these discoveries is a woven concept between the color palate, linen selections, floral design and all of the highly visible aspects of your wedding.  We love finding the perfect design that connects to your heart and soul, and out pours itself through your wedding celebration.

For corporate events, Design Effect works tirelessly to ensure that your brand feels vibrant and alive through the design of your event.  In our modern culture of eye-catching moments flooding our day, brand is a relationship, not just a logo.  We want you to know that the core of your brand is brought to life in each detail of the event, be it through the table scape, registration process, or social media connections.

Our design and branding expertise is provided to all full service coordination clients, but we do also offer this service as a stand-alone component.  We typically require a $5,000 minimum design budget for this service, although we are happy to discuss your specific event and needs.


Here at Design Effect we know that organizations have unique needs, especially when it comes to events.  More specifically, non-profits have a juggling act to perform in relation to their events.  Sometimes this means creating a leadership committee, consulting a board, or raising key dollars for a cause.   Whether you are creating an event for the first time, or seeking a new set of eyes to bring something to life again, we would love to help.

We will create a custom package to consult with you throughout the fundraising process, and most importantly, help ensure that your fundraising strategies tie directly into the event experience you are creating. With extensive experience in sponsorship creation and fundraising communication, we will assist to elevate your fundraising goals and event participation to a new level.


Event Rentals

The fundamental wow factor for any event is the venue design- be it the furniture, linens, lighting or tables.  As part of our design services, we can provide the rental of any items you may need to accomplish your awe-inspiring event design.

Couture linen rentals may be contracted separately from other services provided by Design Effect, if you are just looking for a little pop of glamour to add to your event!