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Meet Jamie
Meet Jamie

There is a moment during every event that I pause, look around at everyone in their role- the bartender who is crafting a cocktail, the chef preparing delicious food, the guests laughing with one another, the décor perfectly placed, and I think to myself… ‘I love what I do’. It may seem silly that I still have this moment, and yet I find myself so appreciative that I found my passion in life early.

My mom would tell you that I have always been a planner- from my first tea set, to Christmas dinner, or any family function that I could create a centerpiece for. As I moved on from tea parties, and went to college, I was incredibly fortunate to find a perfect match in DePaul University in the heart of Chicago. I learned that I am a city girl at heart, although I oddly enough also love camping and hiking and white water rafting with equal joy.

With some fun adventures, getting married, having two beautiful children, and trying out lots of different cities and jobs in Chicago, New York and Grand Rapids, Michigan, and Wisconsin, Design Effect was finally born. What began with a friend asking me to coordinate a family member’s wedding, turned into the realization that I love what I do so much, I wanted to figure out how to do it my own way, with my own twist, and love on my clients in a way that made me unique.

As the lead planner and designer behind each event, I believe that your experience is what matters most of all. And, that your experience is truly impacted by the design. The design and experience details have an effect- from the stamp on the envelope, to the bartender’s conversation while you order a drink, to the dessert you taste, you feel the effect. When you are engaging in conversation, looking around the room, listening to the musicians, you feel the effect. Hence, Design Effect.

I love being the one who can orchestrate the big picture design.  I love ensuring that each element plays its part flawlessly.  I love getting to create something that is so special and meaningful for so many.  I love knowing that this happened because they truly connected with their experience.  I want you, your guests, your clients, your friends to walk away saying “today was remarkable.”

I am excited to meet you and learn about your vision, and get started with some spectacular planning!